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Let's have a catch up... I can't believe it's May already!

Is it just me or is this year flying? Soon enough it will be time to get the Christmas decorations down, i'm not kidding! I honestly feel that this year is going to be over and done with before we all know it.

I know it is now a couple days into May but on May the 1st, I felt like this month was going to be a great month for me... really don't know why, I suddenly felt determined and motivated to reach some goals before the Summer. I really want to up my game with blogging this month. You know those Instagram accounts that are so dreamy and literally goals? I am so wanting to achieve the 'Pinterest/Instagram life'. But unfortunately, I can't go to the beach every day in Dubai or go out shopping to Chanel every weekend... but a girl can dream right? I feel that I need to get my head down and concentrate on what I love to do which is blogging and taking photos.

With wanting to focus myself on blogging, I also feel that this is the month where I realise chocolate is only going to make me put weight on. For just under a year now, I joined my local gym and went to the gym in my free time. (Now when I was at school, I was the most un-sporty girl you could have met. I used to even skip physical education, it just really wasn't for me). Then after going to the gym for a couple of months, I became fitness obsessed. I would go to the gym more often, work out extra hard and even do weights...

(I never would have thought Kate would be doing weights like).

So i'm wanting to also focus more on my health and fitness.

Although I often visit the gym, my diet is atrocious. I never eat fruit and practically live off chocolate. I swore to myself that after all my Easter eggs had been scoffed, (which didn't take long at all), I would go on a chocolate ban. Do I regret it now? Yes, It's 3 days into my chocolate ban and I am craving chocolate like mad. But I really think it's for the best!

I've always felt like my diet has dragged me down and I would have probably lost weight 10x faster if it wasn't for my diet.

So this month, is a fresh start for me. I am going to put more time and effort into blogging and my fitness regime. Have you got any goals you are wanting to achieve this month or even this year?



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