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Chiselling My Cheeks - BarryM

Today, I am dedicating my first blog post to one of my favourite brands; BarryM.

In the 'Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit by BarryM', you get three shades; a highlighter, a bronzer and a sculpting shade. As you can see on the images below, the sculpting shade is a lot darker than the bronzer, so use the last shade for contouring your face. When I use this contour kit, I start off with the sculpting, then bronzer and I finish off the look with the highlighter.

The highlighter: This is a matte pressed powder which gives shine to finish off your contour look. There is no shimmer in this highlighter which makes the highlighter look more natural. When applying the highlighter, it doesn't apply on thickly so you can add as much as you need. I normally apply a small amount as you know what they say, a little goes a long way.

The bronzer: This is a matte pressed powder which gives a tanned shade to your face. The bronzer compliments the sculpting shade as it helps to make it look natural and it also gives you that sun kissed tone which you dream of. The shade is not too dark but you only need a small amount of this to make your make-up look more natural.

The sculpting shade: This is a matte pressed powder like the other two palettes and is very pigmented. When applying this shade, I would suggest using an angled brush with a small amount of the contour shade on the brush. You can add more later if you please, but to start off, I would only use a small amount and then see if you're happy with the look after lots of blending.

As you can see on the contour kit, it has steps on how to achieve the perfect contour look. The size of the palette is perfect in your clutch bag on a night out for a touch up, that's how perfect the size is. But from using this palette, I don't think you'd need a touch up as the make-up lasts all day on your face.

You can purchase this contour kit at Boots and Superdrug for around about £6.50 which is a really generous price for what the outcomes are of using this product. This is my go-to make-up product so I would really recommend this.



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