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Weekend with Mickey & Friends

Well,I've had a bit of a spontaneous weekend and I decided to visit Disneyland Paris for the weekend with my boyfriend. If you are planning on a holiday away then I would really recommend you visit Disneyland Paris. I would also recommend you go for more than a day so that you can do everything you possibly wish to do. For example; we didn't get all of the rides done on the first day and we didn't have long to explore both parks.

There is so much to do at Disneyland Paris such as; watch the parades which are on frequently, meet the Disney characters, go out to eat (quite expensive), enjoy the rides and enjoy the beautiful firework display at Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Here are my tips and tricks to make your Disneyland Paris trip the best it could possibly be:

1. Did you know that you can fast track rides for free? Yes, that's right, FREE! All you need to do is visit the ride you wish to fast track if they have a fast tracking area, get a ticket and go back to the ride when it's time to fast track. I thought this was a great idea. The only down side to it is that you can't get another fast track ticket for any other ride until you have used your ticket at the allocated time, *sad face emoji*.

2. Do not let people jump the queue. This is a very obvious tip because everyone hates a queue jumper. Of all of the theme parks I have been to, Disneyland Paris is the worse for queue jumpers.

3. If you love rides then go to the busiest rides when the parades are on. There is a timetable that lets you know when the parades are taking place. This is the chance to go to the rides that have the longest queues as people always head to watch the parades.

4. Take a packed lunch. There is not enough time in the day to go and eat at a restaurant in the park unless you really want to make the time. We went to one restaurant and the food was so expensive for what you got given at the restaurant. So I would take a packed lunch if you plan on going to any of the Disney parks.

5. On the map, it has times and locations for when to meet the characters. Make sure you arrive at the location early so that you don't have to queue for long. Also, let the members of staff take your photo with YOUR camera instead of them taking your photo with their camera, otherwise you will be given a photo pass to redeem which probably costs a lot.

If you do decide to go then I hope you have a lovely magical time. Remember to use my tips and tricks as they will come in handy.



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