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A little obsessed with The Body Shop

Recently, I have been buying a lot of products from The Body Shop and I seem to have started quite a collection. I always get The Body Shop gift sets for Christmas and I use them up so quickly, so I have decided to keep stocked up all year round.

My favourite collection must be; the Glazed Apple. The scent is sweet, fruity and strong. My go to product from this range is the 'Sugar Scrub' due to the wonders it does to your skin. A small amount really goes a long way and leaves your body feeling so soft after a shower or a bath. I have tried to find the collection on The Body Shop's website but unfortunately, I've had no luck finding it again so it must just come out during the Christmas season.

Another favourite is the Hemp collection. I have just started to use this range and I must say, I was surprised at how amazing it feels on my skin. I thought that due to the strong fragrances, my eczema would not be able to hack it but my eczema seems to have taken it well. The scent is a little difficult to describe but I think it smells quite fresh. My favourite product from this range is the 'Lip Conditioner'. I have been using it frequently due to having chapped lips and after a couple of times using this product, my lips feel 10x better.

I've been looking forward to getting onto the Coconut/Cocoa Butter range. I have always used these products due to the outcomes, leaving my skin feeling so clean and soft. The scents are very rich and just like the Glazed Apple range, you only need a small amount to get that soft feeling it leaves after usage. My favourite product has to be the two shower creams which last for such a long period of time.

Onto Moringa. I always use these products, especially the hand cream which is amazing. The scent is so sweet and pure. I would 100% recommend the hand cream. I always try and find a hand cream that doesn't leave stickiness and at last, I have found the perfect solution which I always carry around with me in my handbag.

I am not a fan of honey but the scent is gorgeous. The body butter absorbs really well just like every other product from The Body Shop and keeps your skin feeling hydrated. I would say that it's not my favourite body butter product, but I would buy it again.

Due to having very dry skin, I feel that the Shea range really helps keep my skin hydrated. When I purchased these products, the lady serving me told me that it keeps skin hydrated for 48 hours. I was then even more excited to try this range so I got home and had a mini pamper evening. The lady was so right, my skin felt amazing for so long that I knew that this range from The Body Shop was the one for me. The scent is very rich and nutty. My favourite product out of this range was hard to pick but I must pick the shower cream due to the wonders it does to my skin.

Another Christmas range is the cute Ginger Sparkle. I did have the shower gel but I used that all up *sad emoji face*. I have been in love with the hand cream which has a beautiful scent and makes your hands feel super soft. The Gingerman is so adorable that I just can't use him.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post about my Body Shop collection. They truly are amazing and if you have not used The Body Shop products before then you sure are missing out.



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