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We have not properly met yet, I'm glitterycupkate!

I don't think I have properly introduced myself yet, so today I've listed some facts about myself.

1. My birth sign is Leo, so I was always the youngest in the year at school

2. I am 5"7

3. I have UK size 7 feet

4. My middle name is Maria

5. I live in the North East

6. I went to university back in 2015 for two weeks, studying Education Studies in hope to become a teacher, but I knew it was just not the place I wanted to be. Maybe it was the wrong time and I felt really rushed to choose my career

7. My favourite place to visit is London. I have been a couple of times and I fall in love with the place more and more every time I go

8. All I drink is water and sometimes fresh orange juice. I've never drank tea or coffee in my life. Always hated fizzy drinks and alcohol too

9. My favourite treat is chocolate. My mam actually bought me a t-shirt that said 'Chocolate Gives Me Energy', I could not agree any more. I literally have it everyday even though I know it's not great. But who can say no to chocolate, seriously?

10. I have never ever liked sweets such as cola bottles, strawberry laces etc

11. As you are probably gathering, I am a very fussy eater and I think it drives everyone in my family mad at times. I am that fussy, if I go abroad, I check TripAdvisor to see what the food is like at the place i'm planning on staying. If the hotel does not serve English food then I won't go to that hotel

12. When I was 12, I got my hair cut into a pixie cut and dyed it bright red. At the time, I thought I was so Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays but I did not pull it off as good as Frankie did back in the day

13. My favourite meal is my mam's homemade Sunday dinner. It just can not be beaten

14. My favourite animal are dogs. My boyfriend has the cutest black minature toy poodle which I claim is mine. When I'm leaving my boyfriend's house I always try and take him home with me

15. I have a skin condition called; Eczema. I have done for as long as I've lived and it's always been a nightmare of mine. I get eczema on my arms, wrists, neck, chin and eye lids. So I really struggle to find the perfect make-up product that suits my skin

16. The first concert I went to was The Jonas Brothers back in 2009... (I think that was the year). Younger Kate was so obsessed with Joe Jonas

17. My first celebrity crush was David Tennant. I used to watch Doctor Who every weekend when I was younger

18. I was totally obsessed with Harry Potter when I was in primary school and I even had a Harry Potter themed bedroom

19. After school when I was younger, I would go home and watch programmes such as; My Parents Are Aliens, Tracey Beaker, Drake and Josh, Hannah Montana, That's So Raven, Wizards of Waverly Place and Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids. They were the shows to watch back in the day

20. The last concert I went to was Two Door Cinema Club. I love them that much that I went to the London show at Ally Pally back in February this year. The show that was local to me (Newcastle) was sold out straight away, so I had to travel. It was totally worth it in the end

21. My all time favourite skincare brands are; The Body Shop and Soap & Glory.

Both brands are gorgeous and work really well on my sensitive skin

22. I have been going out with my boyfriend for 6 years this August. He's literally my best friend! I couldn't imagine life without him

23. I love cute and fluffy things, anything that's got a face on and is fluffy I literally have to buy it

24. I have a fear of spiders, wasps and bees

25. I NEVER eat fruit. I know it's really bad but I just can't stand the stuff. I always want to be healthy and eat fruit but it just never happens

26. My favourite vegetables are broccoli and carrots. I literally have broccoli every day

27. I used to go to a drama club when I was in primary school at my local town hall.

We had a Christmas party and everyone wore jeans and a t-shirt. My mam dressed me up as a huge Christmas pudding. It was so embarrassing. We always laugh when we watch Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging because that was so me

28. I was invited to a fancy dress party in primary school, all of my friends were dressed as fairies and princesses. My mam got me dressed up as Dracula. Everyone ran away from me at the party. It was not a good day. But hey, I looked like a really good Dracula

29. My favourite film of all time is; Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging. I know the whole script and adore all of the songs featured in the film

30. I used to have four rabbits when I was young and I named them after the Tweenies

31. My favourite subject at secondary school was Drama. I always wanted to become an actress but my career aspiration changed

32. I passed my driving test back in 2015... third time lucky

33. My favourite time of the year is Autumn and Winter. Halloween and Christmas are my faves, (especially Christmas, I just love everything about it). My all time favourite Christmas film has to be Elf. SUCH AS GOOD FILM!

34. I actually hate British Summer time. I like the sun when I go abroad, just not at home in the UK. (I think all the bees and wasps don't help the situation either)

35. I always have tomato sauce on my pancakes. A lot of people find that weird but believe me, it's delicious

I could go on and on but i'd be keeping you here all day. So yes, that's a little bit about me. I hope you enjoyed reading today's blog and maybe had a bit of a laugh. Keep an eye out on my instagram as I am always letting all of my followers know when I have uploaded a new blog post.

Oh, before you go, here are some photos that relate to my facts;

Chilling with my boyfriend's toy poodle; Fifa.

A snapshot from my trip to London back in February this year. Have you seen the shops in Oxford Street though? Heaven!

Selfie with my boyfriend!

Extremely young Kate with one of my rabbits. How cute are they? I think I called this one Fizz from The Tweenies.



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